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Best Price of Cement, Sand, Aggregate, Iron Rod and Brick in Nepal in 2023

Cement, Sand, Aggregate, Iron rod and Brick is the basic building block of construction. Once you buy these five things, you can start the construction and nothing else is required until the structure has finished. In this article, we will be talking about the price of these construction materials in Nepalese market.

Best Price of Cement in 2023

Price of Cement in Nepalese market always depend on cement type. PPC Cement has different price whereas OPC Cement has different price. There are various cement companies in market like Shivam Cement, CG Cement, Hetauda Cement, Ambe Cement, Maruti Cement, Huaxin Cement, Hongshi Cement, Kalash Cement, Riddhi Siddhi Cement, Shivam Cement, United Cement and many others.

Best Prices of cements are listed below:

Ambe Cement OPC

Rs. 810
Maruti Cement OPC
 Rs. 875
CG Cement OPC   
Rs. 830
Huaxin Cement OPC
Rs. 830
Hongshi Cement OPC
Rs. 810
Hongshi Cement OPC 53 grade
Rs. 840
Kalash Cement OPC
Rs. 750
Kalash Cement OPC (Super Set)
Rs. 865
Riddhi Siddhi OPC     
 Rs. 830
United Cement OPC 43 Grade
United Cement OPC 53 Grade  


Best Price of Sand in 2023

Are you intending to start a construction right away? You must buy sand. Three categories of sand are used namely River Sand, Crushed Stone sand (also called washing sand ) and Pit sand. The price of these sand in 2023 are given below.

River SandRs. 3750/cu.m
Pit SandRs. 25000/tipper
Crushed Stone SandRs. 9500/tipper


Double washing River sand often goes to 28000 per tipper.


Best Price of Aggregate in 2023

The typical aggregate that is useful is of 20mm size. These aggregates are useful in making concrete and they are optimum for most of the mix designs of concrete. Price of aggregates vary from the source and location of its extraction. We mention here some of the price of aggregates from various popular sources of aggregate around Kathmandu. The price may fluctuate depending upon season, demand and production capacity.  

Kaldhungako Aggregate  
Rs. 3710 /cum
Roshiko Aggregate 
Rs. 3710 /cum
Melamchi Aggregate
Rs. 3180 /cum
Bhakunde Aggregate
Rs. 4240 /cum
Dhading Aggregate 
Rs. 4180 /cum


Best Price of Iron rod in 2023

Here, we are talking about the price of TMT Bars because they are the most widely used. Companies like Ambe Steels, Jagdamba Steels, Panchakanya Steels, Jagshakti Steels. Here, we have included the highest price of iron rod in 2023 in Nepalese market.

Ambe TMT Thermex Steel Bar
Rs. 137/kg for 12mm, 20mm bars
Ambe TMT Thermex Steel Bar
 Rs. 140/kg for 8mm and 25mm bars
Jagdamba TMT Thermex Steel Bar   
Rs. 137/kg for 10mm, 12mm and 16mm
Jagdamba TMT Thermex Steel Bar   
 Rs. 140/kg for 8mm, 25mm, 20mm and 32mm bars
Jagshakti TMT Thermex Steel Bar
Rs. 137/kg for 10mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm bars
Jagshakti TMT Thermex Steel Bar
Rs. 140/kg for 8mm, 25mm and 32mm bars.

The current price of Iron rod in Nepal market is

Premier Steel Fe 500D
Rs. 85/kg
Premier Steel Fe 500
Rs. 82/kg
Ambe Steel  
Rs. 77/kg
Jagdamba Steel 
Rs. 77/kg
Laxmi Steel
Rs. 76/kg


Best Price of Brick in 2023

Bricks are the building blocks of both RCC and masonry building construction. The price of brick depends on location and factories it has been produced in. We hereby mention about a few bricks.   

Terai Brick
NRs. 17/unit
Class A Brick
NRs. 16 from Lapa brick suppliers
NRs. 12 from bds itta udhyog

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