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Effects of crack in building.


भवनमा crack हरू आउनु सामान्य  हुन्न्। जब  building  component को strength लाई stress ले जित्छ  तब

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Dampness causes

All houses, whatever their age, contain moisture

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Construction difficulties due to lack of supervision

Before going to problems that arise in construction in absence of qualified supervision, it is very important topic to address that most of the contractors (especially local contractors) have very poor workmanship and most of the time they do not solve the problem that arise in site rather than they prioritize in hiding the problems since clients are short of the knowledge about site activities and procedures.


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Bonding Agent


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Mansoonमा घरमा लाग्ने रोग, लक्षाण र समाधानः

मानिस जस्तै घर पनि बिरामी हुन्छ जसरी

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About Paint

बजारमा थुप्रै प्रकार को paint पाउन सकिन्छ |  ती paint हरुले २ भाग मा विभाजित गरिएको छ |

oil base paint

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