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modern home design in nepal

Modern Home Design in Nepal

Nepalese people have gone to abroad in a huge number. They earn enough money and they have a dream of building their own house in their desirable city to make their living standard same as they had when they were living abroad.

For this reason, various styles of modern home design in Nepal have been popular specially in the prime cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Butwal. Some of the popular architectures with Skillsewa’s design has been illustrated in this article.

Neoclassical Design of Houses

Neoclassical Design originated since the time of Neoclassical movement in France and Italy. As there are a lot of Nepalese people going to France, this architecture in building design has recently been popular in Nepal. As France has a good reputation for its history in Europe, this architecture is one of the most widely acclaimed architecture in entire Europe and western world. One of the most popular neoclassical designs is the white house of United States.

Neoclassical style became popular in Nepal because of its grandeur with simplicity in geometry. Here are some more features of Neoclassical Design.

Rows of columns: Ionic columns and Corinthian columns are placed in rows.

Rectangular or square floor plans: The geometry of the building is kept rectangular or square

Very little ornamentation: Only a few type of ornamental elements is kept in the building.

Flexibility in roofing: All the roof styles like domed roof, flat roof and gable roofs are popular.

Neoclassical design is different from classical design in that the shades of projection or recession in neoclassical design is lesser than that in classical design.

Apart from Europe, Asian countries like Japan and Philippines, North American countries like United States and Mexico and many Latin countries like Brazil, Argentina and Colombia have adopted Neoclassical design for building their monuments, most of them during their colonization by European nations.

Since the 19th century, Neoclassical style started losing its purity and right now in Nepal, any house design with classical architecture from Greek and Rome is also classified under Neoclassical Design. Here is an example of Neoclassical design.


Box Type Design of House

Box Types Design also comes under modern design. The Box design have become popular because they give urban look to the whole community. The space in urban area is very less, so incorporating classical and lavish design can be too costly and not feasible according to architectural point of view.

Open concept design, large windows, unobstructed living area, interaction with surrounding and right angle finishes are the most important features of Box Type House Design. In Box Type design, no space is wasted around corners and center because of architectural designs. Every room is visible from a single angle.

Contemporary Design of Houses

Contemporary design of houses doesn’t have the best sense of structure as compared to box type design of house. But it gives contrasts, cool tones, curved lines and attention to quality. There is a saying that “lesser is more” in contemporary design of houses.

Contemporary design focuses on having spaces. For example, you will have an open dining space rather than an enclosed dining room. The colors used are neutral color palette which includes white, grey, cream color, natural wood color. Natural materials are used and shown. For example, it is a normal idea to show part of brick wall in interior in contemporary design. Big windows and track lighting are the specialty of lighting used in contemporary Design.

There might be various to contemporary designs because of the fact that contemporary design of houses is always evolving. New trends can add but old traditional looks are still incorporated. Contemporary Design blends into nature just because it deals with curves and things in nature are also curved. 


If you have any problem in building modern home design in Nepal, you can contact us. We will give you free consultation and service in budgeted price. 

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