Terrace Remodeling

Terrace Remodeling 

Are you Searching for Terrace Remodeling in Kathmandu Nepal? If yes, you can find out the completed Remodeling of Terrace with expert manpower and technician from the SKILL SEWA. If the Seepage problem occurs from terrace flooring with tile and Kora. There is a big issue for the Entire Building. So, Terrace Remodeling is a completed and permanent solution of Seepage problems. SKILL SEWA provided the necessary services for the Remodeling of Terrace in the Home, Office, School, Restaurant, College and other places of the peoples need. 


Seepage is very danger to the building structure so we need to cover Structural element of the building like Column, Beam and Slab. Terrace covering is very essential to cover the slab. We didn’t necessary to cover if the slab is mounted by the Brick wall and other partition element but the terrace is one thing the slab is ultimately expose when we don’t cover by any other materials. 

So that we recommended always cover the slab with using Kora masino, Crazy flooring, and tile flooring. So, the construction practices are failed sometime. Like don’t maintain slope of roof, crack from cement punning, Laying Joint less tile, removed and damaged tile grout and using low quality materials. Such practices make danger problems in the building. If the problems happening in the celling and moisture level is ultimately high and Building Owner wants to make Terrace with advance way Terrace Remodeling is the best solution. 

Skill sewa goes to solve the problems and fulfill the Building Owner Requirement. If you have any issue from the terrace Flooring skill sewa is always prepare to repair of the Terrace. Skill sewa is the Fast and long-lasting services provider company in the Nepal. If the Terrace remodeling is work done by skill sewa provided 5 years’ service warranty to the terrace remodeling work. You can also find out the bathroom remodeling services in skill sewa. Repairing is a verry challenging issue so skill sewa provide skill and experience manpower and quality materials.  


Why Terrace Remodeling? 

Simply, terrace remodeling is necessary in following cases: 

  1. Unmanage slope 

  1. Completely flooring damage 

  1. Seepage in celling and wall 

  1. Owner wants to make advance flooring 

  1. Leaching from Terrace flooring 

  1. To water proofing in the terrace 


Working process of Terrace Remodeling: 

  1. Removing of surface materials like Gamala, Vegetation and also other things 

  1. Dismantling of existing Tile if tile flooring 

  1. Removing of Kora material 

  1. Surface preparation and surface cleaning  

  1. Cement and chemical mixing in 1:1 Ratio and coating hole terrace area 

  1. Corner seal with PMM (polymer modified Mortar) in Fillet shape 

  1. Adhesive coating at throughout the flooring 

  1. Applying Water proofing Membrane sheet in the hole terrace flooring 

  1. Lapping joint of sheet is fill with PMM 

  1. Drain Hole seal  

  1. Pond test for 24 hrs 

  1. Re Kora Work with proper slope maintain 

  1. Tile work 

  1. Tile grout work 



How to Join skill sewa? 

We have different way to connect with Skill sewa. In social media, direct contact, website and Recommendation through. After connect with skill sewa and consult the details information of the clint problem. In case of Kathmandu most of the demand is home inspector in the monsoon season. So, you can join fast as soon as possible to inspect your home condition.  

The skill sewa provide best inspection of the clint Home. Because of the engineers are inspector of home inspection in case of Nepal. Home inspector can collect all the building data and prepare one completed report with working estimation.