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Basic Rules of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

Vastu is known as the arrangement of five elements like earth, water, fire, air, and sky in complete harmony. Which is also called ancient science.  According to Vastu Shastra experts, it adds value to human life. It reduces the negative energy of the home.

Nowadays, Vastu is popular at the global level. Peace, prosperity, and harmony is the main reason for it. We apply Vastu shastra while designing and constructing a building. We believe that Vastu brings good health and wealth to our life.

Some Basic Rules of Vastu Shastra

The main door should be well-designed and decorated. It should be bigger than the other doors of the house. It believes that the gate should be kept in the Eastern and northern parts of the wall.

-The shape and size of your house should be square or rectangular.

-The room of your house should be clean, airy, and bright.

-The central part of the house should be empty.

-Water fountains, aquariums, and paintings shouldn’t be kept in the bedroom.

-Your dining table should not be near the main door. It should be near the kitchen.

-It is not good to place a mirror in the bedroom. If you like to place a mirror in your bedroom ensure that the bed can not be seen in it.

What are the 8 directions according to Vastu?

South East

South east direction is related to Agni or fire, which is the source of good health.


This is the direction governed by Lord Indra. He always provides wealth and all pleasures of life.


The south direction is known as the direction of Yama, the god of death. It is also a source of wealth and pleasure.


This is the direction governed by the lord of rains and water, Varun.

South West

This direction is governed by the god, Niruti , Who protects us from evil.


North is the direction of the god of wealth named Kuber. It brings wealth and prosperity to our life.

North West 

This direction is governed by lord Vayu. It shows changing   friendship, enmity, and business

North East

This is a direction driven by Lord Eeshan. It is 0the source of wealth.


A home is a place where you live with your beloved ones. You always want to protect yourself from negative energy. Each room of the home should be designed as per the Vastu Shastra. The guideline and rules of Vastu are given below.


As per the rule of  Vastu, your bedroom should be always in the southwest corner of the home. The sleeping position as per Vastu should be towards the south or west part of the room.


North-East, Mid-North, Southwest, Mid-South, and center of the home are suitable for the kitchen as per Vastu.

Dining Room

The West, East, or North direction is appropriate for the dining room as per the rule of the Vastu.

Study Room

The East or West direction of the house is the best direction for the reading room. North is the second best direction for the reading room or reading corner.

Pooja Room

The location of the pooja room plays a vital role in Vastu. According to Vastu experts, the direction of the pooja room should be North-East, East, or North.

Store Room

Northwest or Southwest corner of the home is suitable for the store room purpose. Never locate store room in east or north direction. If you want to store heavy equipment southwest corner will be perfect for it.

Guest Room

The ideal location for the guest room is the northwest. A properly arranged vastu can eliminate negative energy in your house into positive on.


According to Vastu shastra, Flush Toilet should be either at the southeast or at the northwest facing the north or the south.   



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