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Best Home Loan at an Amazing interest rate in Nepal

Home loan in Nepal

Every person wants to have their own house. Building a house after earning money can not fulfill our dream. For this, we can take home loans and fulfill our dreams easily and make our dreams come true.

Whether you plan to buy a house or flat or extend or renovate an old house, banks invest in your plans, that too at attractive interest rates in Nepal.

Various banks of Nepal have put the loan to buy land and build a home category in Nepal. We can take home loans for the objectives of building a house and buying land in Nepal.

When we are purchasing a property by offering its collateral in the Bank is known as a home loan. It is a secured loan. You can construct your dream house easily by taking out a home loan. For a long duration, you can get high-value funding at a reasonable interest rate. 

We have to be repaid through EMIs. After repayment, the property title is transferred back to the borrower. We can also take the help of home loan experts in Nepal

You must be sure about your budget size before taking out a home loan. It is compulsory to know how much cash flow you have and how much you can afford to borrow in time.  

New innovations in science and science technology make the home loan-taking process easier. It is your main duty to be sure about the right loan package before taking loans. In Nepal, commercial banks, development banks, and finance companies provide home loans.

Nepal Rastra Bank has offered home loan for the purpose of building a house, buying a house, or building a house later for the purpose of buying a house.

NRB has offered the loan for the purpose of buying a house, building a house and renovating of house. Regardless of the title of the home loan, the interest rate is the same. However, the process is different according to the title of the home loan in Nepal.

Eligibility for a home loan in Nepal

  • Nepalese citizens (18 years),

  • Self-employed individual,

  • 8 ft wide motorable road access,   

Document Required for a home loan in Nepal

Identification Related 

  • Personal identification of borrowers and guarantors,

  • Photograph of borrower and guarantor,

  • Family details from the concerned local authority,

  • if business income,

  • Firm registration certificate,

  • PAN/VAT certificate,

  • Partnership deed,

Collateral Related documents

  • Land ownership certificate,

  • Land revenue receipt,

  • Rajinama/Bakaspatra/Anshabanda paper etc,

  • Ward map and File map of collateral,

  • Charkilla ,

  • Approved house map from local authority,

  • Nirman Ijajat of constructing building,

  • Nirman Sampanna paper,

Documents related to Income for house loan in Nepal 

  • Salary certificate and bank statement,

  • Contract Paper,

  • Agreement related to rent (if rent income),

  • Rental tax receipt,

  • Pension Patta (if pension income),

  • Business related audit report in case of business income,

  • Tax clearance certificate/receipt for income,

  • Rs.50 lakh and above case you you need to your PAN card,

Home loan interest rate in Nepal 

The lowest home loan interest rate in Nepal starts from 10% per annum.  You can easily apply for a home loan with minimum interest in Nepal. Your EMIs Kita can be calculated from the EMI calculator. Here is the list of home loan interest rates in Nepal

Banks Name 

Purpose of loan  

Interest rates

Nepal Bank Limited home loan  

Construction of house 

Repayment up to 5 years  = 11.42%

Refund up to 10 years = 12.42 %

Repayment period above 10 = 12.92%

RBB home loan 

Construction of house

Repayment up to 5 years = 13.00%

Repayment up to 10 years=14.00%

Repayment up to 15 years=15.00 %

NMB Bank home loan

Construction of house 

Repayment upto 5 years = 11.00% 

NIC Asia Bank home loan 

Construction of house 

15.94% to 16% 

Mega Bank home loan  

Construction of house 


Nabil Bank home loan 

Construction of house 


Laxmi Bank home loan 

Construction of house 


Everest Bank home loan 

Construction of house 

Repayment up to 7 years = 13.50%

Repayment up to 10 years =14.50 %

Repayment period above 10= 15.50%







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