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Buy Land in Kathmandu

If you have earned well enough to buy land in Kathmandu, you must be in a lot of dilemma, especially if you are purchasing land for the first time in your life.

Buying land in Kathmandu is not just a living choice, but it is also a lifetime investment choice. You have to select the location, type of land, orientation of land, neighborhood, proximity of the land from the center of city and many other factors.

Your choice of land around Kathmandu will depend all on the following points.

Cost of the Land

The cost of the land in Kathmandu depends on location. By Kathmandu, we imply three districts namely Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The price of land depends on the location. For example, the price of land in busy and center locations of Kathmandu will exceed 10 million per anna. Similarly, if you are looking for a land in popular residential areas like Sanepa Khumaltar and Bhainsepati, the cost of the land will range from 50 Lakhs per aana to 1 Crore per Aana. In suburb areas like Godavari, Sunakothi, Budhanilkantha, the price of the land will range from 30 lakhs per aana to 50 lakhs per aana. The cheapest land will be available in the southern part of Lalitpur where the road has just touched and land has just been divided. In such areas, the land will cost between 5 lakhs per aana to 10 lakhs per aana.

The Rising Tendency of Land price in Kathmandu

As we have told that southern part of Lalitpur has the cheapest land available right now, the tendency of mass buying of land has increased in southern part of Lalitpur. Students who have gone to European and American countries and have started to earn have made their investment in lands in Nepal and made it a part time business. They are mostly investing in land in the suburbs of Kathmandu where the price of land is increasing at a faster pace than in any other place. The central part of Kathmandu hasn’t seen much rise in price because the price has already reached its saturation level and the number of transactions is very little.

Taxes in the Land

People have been investing in the Land in Kathmandu because land has the least taxes among any other things in Nepal. The district level fixes the valuation of land in Nepal and the valuation of land in Kathmandu is way too less than the real price. And the rate of tax is also less. Therefore, people have to pay very little taxes while buying and selling land and they can easily expect profit. Property valuation and their taxation has been shown in the table below.

Property Valuation (Land)Land Tax Rate in Nepal
Upto Rs. 10000
Rs. 400 only.
Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25000
Rs. 1000 only
Above Rs. 250004.5%

Rental Price in the Area

If you are in a retirement phase, not likely to work and earn much in the future, rental income is a life saver for you. And you have to seek the land in such places where you can build a house and give it on rent for a decent amount. The places that are farther than 15 kilometers from the center of the city may have big value after some 20 years, but they won’t give you a decent rental income at present. You can calculate the rental price of the surrounding properties and compare it in various lands that you see before deciding to buy a land in Kathmandu.

Sewerage and Drinking Water in the Area

If you are intending to buy a land in Kathmandu, you must have already known by now that Kathmandu has a huge problem of Drinking water. The dream project of Kathmandu called Melamchi has a lot of problems and people are still facing a huge shortage of drinking water. Most of the plots don’t have both the sewerage and Drinking water facility. You have to make sure that it will cost you a minimum to connect to the drinking water supply and sewerage in the future.

Don’t make a Haste Deal

As the real estate market is very lucrative, high yielding and popular, a lot of unprofessional people enter the deal and frequently try to disrupt the market. You have to make sure that you understand each and every thing about the terms and conditions of the deal. You must compare prices, compare and contrast the cost of building a house in that particular land with another land before deciding that you are getting an optimum deal for yourself.


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