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Cement Board Price in Nepal

Cement board vary in price because of thickness, the type of fiber used and the composition.  Cement board is actually a sheet formed by mixing of cement with reinforcement fibers. Cement floor finds it use to form a base for finishing surface, thus acting as a lightweight structure. For example, cement board is nailed to iron and wooden columns and then vertical tiles are put over it. Cement board itself can form a finished surface or can form a base for applying plaster.

Cement Board Companies

Cement board in Nepal are sold by various companies. Some popular brands selling cement boards are Shera, Kalsi, Prima, Everest and Duragreen. In India, there are some popular brands selling cement boards. Some of them are Accord Creations, Shri Giriraj Trading Co, Creed Exports India Pvt. Ltd, GB Interior Solution, Everest Industries Limited, FreshAir Enterprise Pvt. Ltd,  

In Nepal, the common cement board suppliers are Floor Enterprises, Cement Board Dealers, Heaven Decorative False ceiling and cornice Pvt. Ltd, False Ceiling and Prefab House and Barahi Builders.


Cement Board Prices

Price of Cement board depends on size and thickness. For example, Cement Fiber Board of Thickness 12mm is Rs. 48 per square feet.  This is sold by Creed Exports India Private Limited. For the cement board manufactured by G.B. Interior Solution, The price is Rs.4.8 per mm per square feet. For Everest Fiber Cement Board of thickness 8mm, the price is Rs. 44 per square feet. Arihant Sales corporation sells 18mm fiber cement board for Rs. 192 per square feet. Overseas Interior sells cement board of Rs.48 per square feet for the size 10mm. Smart wood board ( Brand of SKK Impex Private Limited ) sells 10mm and 12mm ply for Rs. 55 per square feet. Arigato Enterprises sells Cement Fiber Board of thickness 10mm for Rs. 29 only.

The above rates are summarized in the table below: -

CompanyThicknessPrice/square feet
Creed Exports Private Limited12Rs.48
G.B. Interior Solution1Rs.4.8
Everest Fiber Cement Board Pvt. Ltd8Rs.44
Arihant Sales Corporation18Rs.192
Overseas Interior10Rs.48
Smart Wood Board10,12Rs.55
Arigato Enterprises10Rs.29

 Some prices also depend on the piece manufactured and not on unit square feet. For example, Galaxy interiors sells 10mm cement board at Rs. 800 per piece.

Most of the manufacturers manufacture the non-asbestos cement board though the Indian standard has also been made for the asbestos made cement board.

Cement Board Price in Kathmandu

The working rates of putting the cement board in place with screw and finishing differs as per the service provider. The price ranges from Rs.150 to Rs.485 all works included according to the requirements and specifications of the contract or upon mutual agreement.

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