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Factors determining the best floor plan for the family

Choosing the best floor plan for the family depends on many factors- some of those factors being size of the family, age of the family members, generations forming the family, health condition of the family members, physical activities of the members and many others.

Whatever be the factors, a best floor plan will make the activity flow of your lifestyle smooth.

Generations Living in a Family

In South Asian Countries, many generations live together as a family. Most of the families have three generations living together. In such cases, you have three kinds of bedroom requirements. The kids will require a space besides their bedroom so that they can study and play.

People of old age will typically desire a bedroom in the ground floor because they will find it hard to climb up the stairs. Most of the old people will prefer balcony because they will feel that spending time at the balcony is easier than staying inside the room.

A typical master bedroom will be better in the top floor. Adult couple want fun, privacy, entertainment and making love and young generation loves big master bedroom. Such big rooms are mostly possible only in the top floor because you mostly add projections to the room with the support of cantilever beams. A balcony, a makeup chamber and attached toilet and bathroom is also a must for premium design of a perfect master bedroom.

Age of the Kids

The floor plan will become the best one after realizing that you have very young kids, teenage kids or adult kids. With very young kids, you would probably prefer a washing closet near the entrance of the building. Also, you would love to have the living area, dining and kitchen area all connected and without partition walls because it would be easier for you to look after your kids. You might also prefer playroom for the little kids.

If you have teenage kids, you would prefer that the master bedroom and kids’ bedroom will be far apart because teenage kids are often noisy.

If you have adult kids and you are going to get old and retire from a job, you will want your bedroom to be close to your kids’ bedroom because your adult kids will have to take care of your health during adversities.

Physical Activities of the Family Members

The physical activities of the members determine what will be the best floor plan for your family. If you have members who exercise indoors, you will require a separate room with machines like treadmill to exercise. If the members in the family like to exercise outside the house, there must be a mudroom and a laundry room at the sideway façade of the house.

The frequency of Arrival of Guests

If the guests arrive frequently at a house with full bungalow design, the position of guestroom should ideally be at the ground floor. In a semi bungalow system, the position of guestroom could be placed at the top floor if the family doesn’t have too much of togetherness. If your family highly values togetherness, the guest room could be placed a bit away to the master bedroom and near to the children’s room. If you want the guest to have a private time, you may put a separate TV room for guests. It always depends on how you would like to treat the guests.

Purpose of the construction

Some people might be building their second, third or fourth house. They may have a comfortable home with a warm and healthy neighborhood and they just want the house as an investment. Such people might want open floor plan. An advantage of open floor plan is that you can add infill walls as and when you want to do. With an open floor plan, you might plan living apartment or rent the space to offices so that they will utilize the space as per their own design.

Health of Family members

There might be some disabled members in the family. So if the family member has leg amputation, your best floor plan will contain a ramp or a lift if your home is a storied building. If the family members have problem related to cold and living in urban space where little land is available for the home, your family might consider to build a home in such a land which faces south and east so that there will be no interruption to the sunlight.


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