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How much money is needed to construct a house in Nepal?

What is House and why?

The house is one of the most crucial and real phenomena that mankind has been struggling with for many years and trying to find a suitable reaction to the entire various shifts and changes in this field.

This phenomenon not only points to the different dimensions of social and economic affairs but also is subjected to climatic conditions as well.

Here, is about recognizing the quality and quantity processes of contemporary houses and House construction costs in Nepal.

A suitable house is subjected to a suitable dwelling space having the entire preliminary requirements such as availability to the safety, welfare, sustainability, and structural stability; also, the growth and increase of relations between the members of the family and neighborhood should be available to the entire dwellers in this regard. 

Undoubtedly the term house or housing is an excellent and celestial word meaning the concept of families’ dwelling process in the whole community.

The man challenges harshly out of houses making the largest struggles for being ready to live and survive, the winter and summer, cold and warm climatic conditions always threaten the man but suitable housing makes the man feel comfortable along with his family.

When we return from the present time to the past, the subject is highly tangible. When we look at the past houses, the importance of the topic is getting touchable valuably. Nowadays people are being more modern and cost efficient. Basically the cost of a house is determined by materials and location. Here is the list of houses in Nepal and their construction cost. 

Cost of building house in Nepal 

1.Traditional Nepali house: Traditional design consists of thick stone walls and an attached roof made of hay, stone, tin, and paste of manure, mud, and clay. Kamero is used for painting.  These types of houses also have wooden pillars. Being an agricultural country, traditional housing design has been fit for every Famers. Modern construction emulates traditional Nepali styles.  

The construction cost of a traditional Nepali house is 5 lakh to 15 lakh.

2.Stone House:

Stone houses mostly exist in the Himalayan and hill region of our beautiful Nepal. There is no access to road transportation. So, people stack large stones together for house structures. The house looks very beautiful and very warm for living in. Stone house is the cheapest house to build in Nepal.

The total cost of the stone house construction is 1 lakh to 5 lakh.

3.Single-Family House:

The Single-Family house has its own gate and compound and the owner also owns the land that the estimate sits on. Most of the houses' suburbs are single-family homes.  also Builds in a small lot subdivision which may provide free-standing single-family homes on lots that are smaller than conventional single-family lots.

The cost of a single house family in Nepal is 08 lakh to 25 lakh.

4.Joint-family House:

Joint-family houses are similar to single-family houses. This type of house is also called a multi-family house. We can also use this type of house for rental purposes. This type of house suits urban areas. 

The cost of building a joint-family house in Kathmandu is 60 lakh to 1 cr.


A bungalow is a small one or two story house often marked by dormer shaped windows and wide verandas. Accessible, historic charm and relatively low cost are the positive aspects bungalow and small size, need timely renovations and poor natural light etc are the negative aspects of bungalow. 

The cost of bungalow building packages ranges basic package to premium package with cost starting from Rs 3000 sq.ft to Rs. 4300 sq.ft. 


Colony is a multi-story house in a modern housing development that is attached to one or more similar houses by shared walls.                                              Construction cost of the colony in Kathmandu varies between Rs. 3000 to 3200 per sq.


A garden apartment has access to a backyard and almost always is on the ground floor, but sometimes can also be on the basement level.

Construction cost of an apartment in Kathmandu varies between Rs. 3000 to 3200 per sq.

8.Mixed-Use Housing: Development projects may be classified as "mixed-use" if they provide more than one use or purpose within a shared building or development area. Mixed-use projects may include any combination of housing, office, retail, medical, recreational, commercial, or industrial components. Housing units may be located vertically above another use, or horizontally next to another use. 

8. Bamboo house :

Bamboo is a sustainable building material. It is used for various purposes. Bamboo provides good insulation against heats and a cool atmosphere. One of its notable qualities is its capacity to absorb contaminants. 

A normal bamboo house lasts 10-12 years and then it needs replacement.

A bamboo house covering an area of 400 sq ft. can cost around 1.25 lakh. 

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