Money Plant for Vastu
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Money Plant for Vastu

Money plant serves as a secret of our ancestor’s science to abundance of wealth. This hidden secret has been used by many people to increase their economic status. Money plant has been seen to create magic in attraction of wealth to many homes in this world. Apart from unlocking the door to great wealth, money plants make the living space more soothing with their plumy and round leaves which often gives a synthetic human friendly look. Money plant has also been characterized as a air purifier by NASA’s Clean Air purify study.

Because of the recommendation from both vastu experts and interior designers, people have used money plant as an ornamental plant over the years and this trend is on rise.

Advantages of Money Plant

  • Money plant helps purify the stale air inside the home caused by the harmful chemicals used in construction materials.
  • Money plant in the bedroom will make your bedroom filled with peace and tension-free environment. The clashes between husband and wife are said to end. It will also help you improve your mental health.
  • Money Plant will help you gain financial prosperity. The more the money plant in your home goes, the more income and income sources you will generate.
  • Money plant will reduce the sick building syndrome occurring because of seepage, weathering and wall dampness.
  • It will help you decrease the radiation coming out from mobile phones, television, wifi and microwave oven. This is the reason why money plants are placed near the electronic devices.


Direction for Money Plant

The direction for the money plant is South East. Directions like south, east, north and northwest are good. But you must avoid money plant in the south west  and west direction because money plant is not suitable at this place according to vastu science.

Money Plant in Kitchen

Money plant in Kitchen is considered very good. If Kitchen is on the south east direction or north west direction, money plant is icing on the cake. You just have to make sure that you don’t keep your money plant near the kitchen stove. This is because heat can kill money plant and a dead money plant in your home is very inauspicious. Placing the money plant 5 feet away from the stove and near the eastern side window or kitchen countertop is very good option and gives you a lot of gains.

Money Plant in Bedroom

Money plant is bedroom is found to be good until and unless the bedroom lies in the north east direction. You have to make sure the money plant doesn’t receive long hours of sunlight, but will receive indirect sunlight. Here are few of the advantages of the money plant in bedroom.

  1. It can reduce the air pollutants entering in the bedroom, making the bedroom fresher.
  2. Money plant in bedroom can boost your mood and increases your creativity.
  3. It produces oxygen and increase in oxygen level in bedroom will obviously make the bedroom experience rich.
  4. It will boost your mood when you are feeling bored. It will calm your mind too.


Mistakes to avoid while planting Money plant

  1. Money plant obviously brings you wealth, but you must avoid these mistakes to make sure that you benefit in the vastu through money plant.
  2. Money plant should not be planted outside the home. This is because money plant doesn’t tolerate direct sunlight and weathering. If money plant planted outside the house dries, it will signal a misfortune in your house.
  3. You should not lend your money plant to other people. Vastu science has a direct relation with astrology and it is said that money plant is the form of venus, the planet responsible for giving you wealth. So giving the money plant to others will make you lose your wealth.
  4. Among gods, money plant is said to be a form of goddess Laxmi. So, money plant should not be made to touch the ground because money plant has goddess Laxmi in it.
  5. You should not let the money plant dry. This is because dry money plant will bring you misfortune and increase your expense. Dried leaves of money plant should be plucked off to give way for new leaves. Dead money plant should immediately be thrown away.
  6. You should not plant your money plant in the north east direction. This is because money plant is venus and the direction where venus is strong is south east and south.



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