prefab house in Nepal
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Prefab houses in Nepal: Advantages and Disadvantages

Prefab house in Nepal

Nowadays, we want to build a house by saving money or taking a loan instead of renting a room. There is increasing demand for houses. Many companies have brought out houses with new styles, designs, and features.

A house made from prefabricated boards is known as a Prefab house. Prefab houses in Nepal are becoming more and more popular day by day. The prefab companies cut the board in different sizes during production and send it to the market.

We can order prefab boards according to the size we need. The construction service provider company will connect directly to the land according to the measurements.

A prefab house is a house that is made by reassembling an already-built building. It is a building material that has already been assembled and molded into a certain shape, so the house is ready quickly and easily.

Cement boards are popular prefab boards in Nepal. The middle part is reinforced with sand, cement, and Thermopolis chemicals. Calcium silicate sheets are on the prefab's outer and inner walls. It is commonly known as a cement sandwich board.

Golden Gate, Little Angels, Kathmandu Valley, Herald college, and many more colleges are examples of prefab homes in Kathmandu.

Prefab house in Nepal are lower in cost than other types of houses. It costs less to build this building than to build another building. It looks attractive and beautiful. Basically, Korean prefab houses in Nepal are popular. Fab houses will be 40% cheaper than building another building.

There are so many types and designs of Prefab homes in Nepal. The prefab house is not only famous for its low cost. It is famous for its features. It has no hassle of painting. In addition to being ready faster than other buildings, it can be easily moved from one place to another place. Another feature of prefab houses is soundproofing.

Generally, within 4 to 5 weeks, the building is fully habitable. It takes time according to the nature of the work. A 4-room house will be ready for use within about 1.5 months.


Advantages of Prefab house

  • Here are the major advantages of prefab houses,
  • housing made from prefab is earthquake resistant and environmentally friendly,
  • Prefab structures are three to four times lighter than traditional bricks,
  • Fast completion of any construction,
  • Prefab boards are more useful in the construction of shelters, camps, warehouses, temporary hospitals, and the upper floors of the old house.
  • It is suitable for schools and colleges as it does not take too much time to construct buildings through this process.
  • It looks attractive to look at,
  • Building can be easily moved from one place to another,
  • It is not affected by fire, sun, and water,
  • It is very affordable,
  • When it rains, it doesn’t make a sound and controls the temperature of the room,
  • There is no hassle of building

Disadvantages of Prefab house

Here are the major disadvantages of prefab houses,

  • High foundation cost,
  • Payment may be required in full,
  • Hard to Guarantee quality,
  • Extra costs,
  • Difficult to make modifications,
  • Customization issues,
  • Finding land,


 Prefab house price in Nepal

Prefab houses are getting more and more popular day by day in Nepal. It is due to their high quality and ease of installation. There are so many manufacturers offering these fab houses having various facilities. The most common materials used in fab houses are wood, stainless steel, Mild steel, FRP, etc.

Low-cost prefab houses in Nepal start from Rs. 2700 sq. ft. to Rs. 3300 sq. ft. If you want to build a 4-room fab house the price will be around 18 lakh. Prefab house price in Kathmandu valley is 18 lakh to 1 cr. It will be determined by your needs and facilities.

This service is available all over Nepal. For this, you have to pay some extra charges for inspection and transportation. 

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