Round staircase and L-shaped staircase
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Which one is better in Nepal: Round staircase or L-shaped staircase?

If you're trying to add new elements to your house or designing a luxurious space, don't forget to give attention to staircase design. A staircase that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional even in a limited space is what we prefer as space saving design. 

Lets get to know more about the space saving staircase designs which you might need to consider while building a house. 

Here, we'll be talking about the round/spiral staircase and L-shaped staircase, comparing which one is better and why, so lets dig into it. 

L-shaped Staircase

When you consider having a regular shaped and space saving staircase you might want to have a L-shaped staircase. The reason it is so popular is that it allows access to many levels of a building while optimizing space efficiency. 

There are a number of benefits of having this type of staircase. 

Less Space Use

This type of staircase is commonly used when there's limited space available or needs to change in direction without compromising its aesthetic function. It comparatively consumes less space than other types of regular staircase; dog-legged staircase. 

Regular and Straightforward 

It consists of two straight flights that change direction by 90 degrees forming an "L" shape. The shape is a regular and straightforward design which makes it easy to use.

Easy to Construct and Use

Due to the two straight flights that allows for more gradual ascent or descent(up or down), this design is considered to be safer and easier to use than a straight staircase. Also, the construction work of the staircase is comparatively easier than the spiral staircase.

Versatile and Functional

Because of its easy and conventional design, such stairways are used in residential as well as commercial buildings. It is a traditional and straight forward design which can be incorporated into various architectural styles making it more versatile and functional.

Cost effective

Since it takes less space to be constructed, the cost of construction is also low compared to the spiral staircase. 

Features can be summarized:

  • Regular shaped, Traditional and straightforward

  • Used in limited space 

  • Easy and Conventional design

  • Versatile and Functional

  • Easy to install and easy accessibility

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Less space used than regular used dog-legged staircase

  • Cost effective

Round/Spiral Staircase

When your priority is to have more aesthetic and eye-catching features alongside the space saving function you might want to have a round or spiral staircase. The reason it is popular in architecture is because of its fascinating design and unique shape rather than daily used rectangular shape. 

Aesthetic Design

Such a staircase tends to be the main attraction of the building which gives much more visual aesthetic appeal and sophistication style than the L-shaped Staircase. This design creates a visually striking and space-saving solution while connecting one level to another level of a building.

Minimum Space Use

One of the main advantages of the round staircase is its compact footprint. Since it spirals upward around a central column, it occupies less floor space compared to traditional straight or L-shaped staircases. 

Maximize Floor Area

Spiral staircases are ideal for small apartments, lofts, or tight spaces where maximizing floor area is important.


Spiral staircases are often found in historic buildings, as well as modern homes and commercial spaces where space is limited or where an elegant architectural feature is desired. It can also be seen at the terrace level of our residential house made up of steel painted in black or brown.

Careful Construction

To achieve such a pleasing staircase, careful planning and precision is required. Such staircases are prefabricated or assembled on-site, leading to quicker installation compared to traditional staircases.

Costly Construction

With the use of custom fabrication and specialized installation techniques, the construction of spiral staircase not only is difficult but also more costly than the L-shaped staircase. Use of specialized materials and labor work makes it more costly than other staircase construction.

Features can be summarized:

  • Eye-catching visual aesthetic 

  • Minimum Space Use

  • Versatile and Functional

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Less space used than regular staircase

  • Careful Construction

  • Adaptability to Different Spaces

Thus, L-shaped and round/spiral staircases are used as space saving solutions and are versatile and functional at their own pace. Making the right staircase decision is therefore crucial if you want to improve the aesthetics of your home.

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