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Salary of engineers in Nepal

Engineering is not only about construction works as it is widely believed. It is the system that evaluates construction systems. It provides solutions to a wide range of industries like space, medicine, entertainment, transport, environment, and so on. 

All kinds of invention and their functioning depends upon engineering. Engineers can work in various sectors like offices, labs, outdoors, and other sectors. Engineers create magic in different fields through their creative work.

Engineering is the most awarded profession in Nepal. Engineering in Nepal is not easy from a point of view of study, implementation, and job placement. It has a vast syllabus and a difficult course of content.

Basic Salary of engineers in Nepal 

The average salary of engineers in Nepal is Rs. 25000 to 2 lakh. Here is the complete list of salary of engineers in Nepal like the basic salary of civil engineers, the Basic salary of electrical engineers, geomatic engineers, etc.  



Salary per/months 


Salary per/months

Aerospace Engineering

Rs.54,700  to Rs.  157,000

Mining engineering

Rs.37,200 to  Rs.104,000.  

Agriculture Engineering

Rs.14,106.00.  to  Rs.35,567.00  

Marine engineering

Rs.39,500  to  Rs.110,000.  

Architectural Engineering

Rs. 60,000

Geomatics engineering

Rs. 35,800  to  Rs. 114,000 

Automotive Engineering

Rs.17,653.00  to  Rs.45,546.00  

It engineering

Rs. 20,086.00 to 78,779.00  Rs. 

Biological Engineering

Rs. 34,400 to  Rs. 109,000  

Electrical Engineering

Rs.38,100. to  Rs.115,000 

Ceramic Engineering

Rs.129,100  ‑  Rs.257,999 

Civil Engineering

Rs. 30,000.  to  Rs. 132,000

Materials engineering

Rs.31,900  to  Rs.107,000. 

Ocean engineering

Rs. 39,500  to  Rs.110,000  

Nuclear engineering

Rs.101,000 to  Rs.282,000 

Petroleum engineering

Rs.39,900.  to  Rs.124,000 

Transportation engineering

Rs. 35,200 to  Rs. 101,000  

Textile engineering

Rs.16,692.00  to  Rs.46,684.00  

Systems engineering

Rs.16,692.00  to  Rs.46,684.00.  

Here are some Challenges of engineering in Nepal 

  • To get better job opportunities,

  • To get equal opportunities, there are differences between government job-holder engineers and private job-holder engineers.

  • Lack of Practical Knowledge,

  • Risky Work environments like risk in hydropower projects,

  • Brain-draining problem,

  • The monopoly of the government engineer,

  • Lack of advanced and qualitative construction materials,

  • Irrelevant policy,

  • Unoriginality etc. are the major challenges of engineering in Nepal. 




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