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Top 20 Business Ideas in Nepal For Entrepreneurs

What is a Business?

An organization or group engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities is called a business. It is an economic activity in which output is earning profit. It can be for profitable or non-profitable entities.   

What is a Business Idea?

A Business idea is a concept that can be used for earning money. The business idea focused on a product or service that can be offered money. It is key to building a successful business platform. It is the creation of a new venture.

A company in the first step of the operation is known as a start-up company. Start-up is divided into four types;

  •  Small business startups

  •  Buyable startups

  •  Scalable startups

  •  Offshoots startups

  •  Social startups

The basic features of business ideas are:

  • Understandable

  • Unique

  • Innovative

  • Profitable

  • Problem-solving 

Business in Nepal

The economic status of Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked and the world's least developed country. Its economy is largely supported by the service industry, tourism, and agriculture. This country has a large external debt.

Countries like India and China play major roles in its economy. It is expected that in 2022 GDP of Nepal will reach 30.90 billion Us dollars. The Major exports of Nepal are clothing, carpet, leather, jute goods, and workers and the main imports are Gold, machinery, petroleum products, and chemical fertilizer.

Importance of business in Nepal

  • We can create more job opportunities. More than 18% of Nepalese people are under the poverty line; they will benefit directly from it. There will not be a shortage of workers. We can reduce poverty by creating more job opportunities.

  • In Nepal, there are so many natural resources and raw materials. They are expensive and organic too. So, while doing business we can get raw materials easily. By producing various goods from these raw materials we can generate a lot of money. We can export these goods to foreign countries too.

  • Nepal is a developed country so there are so many opportunities for new business. We can easily expand target markets and increase our revenue.

  • Having a lot of fertile lands and water resources we are very poor in agriculture. So, here is a great opportunity in agriculture also.

  • Tourism is the backbone of the Nepali economy. More than 15 foreigners come to visit Nepal. Himalayas, historical monuments, National parks, temples, various rivers, etc. are the major destination visitors. It is a great sector business too.

  • We can start a small-scale business in Nepal. Here is a great opportunity in the Business sector and startups.

Business Ideas in Nepal

You are ready to start a business, but you need inspiration. And you need to know exactly what's involved. 

Do you want to start your own current business in Nepal? You can start it now. You don’t get confused over your ideas and thoughts of which business or industry should be selected or chosen.

Every Business has its positive and negative sides. The main motto of the business idea is to generate money. For this, you must have passion, commitment, and zeal to crack it. Your own ideas, skills, and strategy is the main key to your new business ideas. Here we discuss low-cost business ideas in Nepal. The following business ideas are the Top 15 highly potential business ideas in Nepal.

1.  Online Business

Online business ideas in Nepal are highly potential business ideas. Any kind of business activity that happens over the internet is known as an online business. It is the process of buying and selling our products, materials, and goods online.

Here is a question, why does online business have a high potential in Nepal? The reason is,

  • The minimum capital to set up,

  • Low cost, high profit,

  • Fully automated,

  • Anyone can create a website and start selling,

  • With unlimited resources, you can sell your own products,

  • International customers, etc.

2. Service Business

A company or corporation that provides certain professional support to its clients is known as a services business. Here a company or organization performs tasks for the benefit of its customers. Tasks like cleaning, hospitality, maintenance, transportation, and consulting come under service business ideas. Here are the 10 examples of service-based businesses in Nepal that we can start with low cost

3. Professional Business

If you have a good experience in your particular sector, you can start your own business in Nepal. Medical, dental, eye clinics, medical labs, law firm art galleries, etc are the best professional business ideas in Nepal. Here is the list of the best professional businesses ideas in Nepal:

  • Medical practice

  • Dental Practice

  • Massage therapist

  • Eye Clinic

  • Medical Lab

  • Law firm

  • An engineering firm

  • Custom Manufacturing

  • Art Gallery

4. Retail Business

Selling items or services to customers for their consumption, use, or pleasure is called retail business. It is known as business ideas in minimum investment in Nepal. Retail management is the basic need of this business. The following are basic key points of retail business;

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Hassle-free shopping

  • Minimizes Unnecessary chaos

  • Proper accounting

Following are the low-cost business ideas in Nepal regarding retailers, 

  • Food truck business

  • The restaurant business

  • Hardware Store

  • Farmhouse business

  • Print/custom design shop

  • Nursery and Garden store business

  • Department store

  • Clothing store/gift store

  • Computer/ Electronic store

  • Book store

  • Jewelry shop

  • Insurance agent 


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