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Top College in Nepal Offering the Best Interior Designing Course

Interior design is the science and art of expanding the interior of a building. We can achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for us using the space. Someone who makes plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such enhancement projects is known as an interior designer. Conceptual development, space planning, site inspection, programming, organizing, and communicating with the stakeholder comes under the professional ethics of interior design in Nepal and the world.

In the past, interiors were taken as a part of the process of building. Effective use of space, user well-being, and functional design are the main stems of nowadays interior design profession. In ancient Nepal, architects would work as interior designers. In Hindu mythology, Vishwakarma is taken as an architect. There are so many Nepali palaces and temples that were well-designed. Interior designers follow the basic rules of Vastu shastra also. An interior designer must know about Vastu Shastra also. 

How is the Interior Designing Course Structured in Nepal?

Interior design courses in Nepal are divided into two categories based on time. One is the 26 weeks diploma course and the other is 40 weeks PG diploma interior design course. It has good future and career opportunities nowadays and in the future ahead.


IEC School of Arts and Fashion, Institute of Fashion and Interior, and IIFT Nepal are the best colleges and institutes of art and Interior design in Nepal. 

Talking about the Fees for the interior designer course fee in Nepal is about 2 lakh 36 thousand to 4 lakh 50 thousand.

Bachelor of Interior Design in Nepal is a three-year program, which is designed by Purbanchal University Nepal. 

Interior design has no limit. If you are passionate about it, there is no doubt that it's also a sustainable career in Nepal. The basic salary of interior designers in Nepal is Rs. 30000/- to 150000/-.  Professional interior designers are highly demanded and paid for in Nepal. 

Semester and Subjects of Interior Designing Course.

Here is the list of subjects and semesters of interior design in Nepal.

Semester - 1

  • History of interior 

  • Graphic and Drafting 

  • Visual Arts 

  • Interior Design Modeling 

  • English I

Semester - 2

  • History of interior II

  • Graphic and Drafting II

  • Color 

  • Building Materials I

  • English II 

Semester - 3

  • Furniture Design I

  • Computer-Aided Design II

  • Interior Design Studio II

  • Building Construction I

  • Building Materials 

  • Lighting/acoustic 

Semester - 4

  • Furniture Design II

  • Computer-Aided Design II

  • Interior Design Studio

  • Building Construction II 

  • Climatology & thermal aspects 

  • Electrical 

Semester - 5

  • Coasting & estimation

  • Water supply and sanitary system 

  • Interior Studio IV

  • Professional Practice 

Semester - 6

  • Interior Landscaping 

  • Business and Management 

  • Interior Design Studio

  • Marketing 

Semester - 7

  • Internship office based 

  • Practicum 

  • Report preparation 

  • Viva voice of practicum 

Semester - 8

  • Internship Field based

  • Internship & presentation 

  • Report preparation 

  • Viva of voice practicum 

List of Colleges in Kathmandu Which offers interior Designing Courses.

1. IEC School of Art and Fashion 

IEC is the number one design school in Nepal. This college initiates interior design courses in Nepal. There are admission criteria for new joining. At least you have to clear your +2 or equivalent.  The college will counsel you for the interior design course. Then you have to fill up the form and attend the entrance exam. There will be a face interview. If you were selected then you can easily join IEC.  


IEC School of Art & Fashion 

Dillibazar Kathmandu,


2. IIFT school of Interior Nepal 

The International Institute of Fashion Technology is run by highly professional and young entrepreneurs having long years of experience in education. It is located at Bagbazar Plaza, Kathmandu. It is also associated with a huge number of programs related to art and fashion. 


IIFT school of Interior Nepal 

Bagbazar Kathmandu,


3. Namuna College of Fashion and Interior 

Namuna College of Fashion is the initiator and pioneer of academic fashion in Nepal. This college has also launched a bachelors course in design. This college is affiliated with Purbanchal university. 


Namuna College of Fashion and interior 

Bansbari, Kathmandu,


4. Kantipur International college 

KIC is one of the best Interior Design colleges in Nepal. 


Kantipur International College

Buddhanagar, Kathmandu,


The Basic Objectives Interior Designing Course are :  

  1. To make students capable to draw architectural interior drawings and make them able to create any space for public and private places,

  2. As per the needs of the users serve their needs, functions, and requirements, and create a comfortable area,

  3. To provide a sense of public and private space,

  4. To make students analyze the design and implement the system,

  5. Developing creative skills etc. are the objectives of interior design in Nepal.

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