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Toughened Glass Prices in Nepal: Understanding the Costs and Benefits of This Durable Material

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass that is made by heating regular glass to its softening point and then rapidly cooling it. This process makes the glass much stronger and more resistant to breaking, which makes it an ideal choice for use in a variety of applications where safety is a concern. Some common examples of toughened glass include the windows of vehicles and buildings, shower screens, and the screens of smartphones and tablets. It is also often used in the doors and windows of homes and buildings, particularly in areas where there is a high risk of breakage, such as near a pool or in a high-rise building.

General Toughened Glass Price List.

Toughened glass is offered in a variety of colors and sizes in the Nepali market.

The cost of toughened glass in Nepal is listed below without the cost of frame.



Price(per sqft.)


8 mm

Rs 1100 per sqft



Rs 1200 per sqft



Rs 1250 per sqft

Colored Toughened Glass Price List:

The cost of colored toughened glass in Nepal is listed below without the cost of the frame.



Price(per sqft.)


12 mm

Rs 1400 per sqft

Benefits of Toughened Glass

  • Toughened glass has a high withstand capacity, making it suited for applications where strength and temperature resistance are essential.

  • It is five times stronger than regular glass and three times stronger than heat-strengthened glass.

  • Reduce the chances of injury because of its very small bits, there is little risk of damage even when it breaks.

  • Toughened glass is an interior designer's dream because it offers a wide range of styles that allow one to enhance aesthetic value.

  • Toughened glass has become an essential element of homes for a variety of reasons, including protection, privacy, durability, and design options. 

  • With its unique combination of aesthetic and functional benefits, toughened glass adds value to the home.

  • Toughened glass has stronger edge strength to prevent thermal breakage, but normal glass is weak to thermal fracture with quick temperature changes.

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