Vastu shastra
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Vastu Shastra: A Brief Overview on it

What is Vastu Shastra ?

Vastu is a Sanskrit word meaning a surrounding or environment. House, buildings, shelter, etc. denoted by the word vastu. In Sanskrit, vastu shastra is known as a system science.

Vastu shastra is a traditional art and science. It contains practices and principles of building construction. Vastu shastra promotes a harmonious relationship between nature and man. This system brings happiness, prosperity, good health, and wealth into our life.

Vastu Shastra creates complete harmony between PANCHAMAHABHUTA (Pancha-Tatwa) ; they are Akash (Sky), Paani (Jal), Agni (Fire), Dharti (Earth), & Vayu (Air). Cosmic energy and organic energy also belong to Panch-Tatva.

Everything in this universe is constructed by Panchtatwa or five elements. So, Vastu Shastra is also based on these Panch-tatva.

Here is the guideline of Vastu associated with various directions.

  • Northwest – Air

  • Northeast- Water

  • Southeast- Fire

  • Southwest- Earth

  • Middle- Sky

Basic rules of Vastu Shastra for your Home,

Importance of Vastu Shastra 

Vastu shastra is popular across the world nowadays. The truth behind the vastu shastra is  peace and harmony. It brings good health, wealth, and happiness in life. Here is the importance of vastu Shastra in our life. 

  • Vastu shastra is an ancient science of architecture that unveils the secret of happiness,

  • Vastu Focuses on direction, structure, and placement,

  • Vastu Shastra addresses problems related to finance, health, marriage career, study etc.,

  • Cosmic energy is the key player in vastu, 

  • Cosmic energy determines the adversity in one's life,

  • It helps to bring happiness and prosperity into our life,

Vastu for home is a collaborative solution for different corners of the house. You can adopt a few Vastu remedies to attract good fortune into your life. Here is the tips for vastu for main doors,

  • Main door should be in the right direction,

  • Make the main door of the home the largest door,

  • The door should be opened easily,

  • The door should not make noise while opening/ closing,

  • The door should be decorative and well it,

  • Name plate should be easily visible,

  • It must not face any obstruction like an electrical pole, 

Vastu for bedroom Tips

  • Bedroom should be tied,

  • There should not be a mirror in the bedroom,

  • Bed should not be right below the beam, 

  • Use light on your bedroom walls,

  • Do not put an aquarium, plants, and temple inside the bedroom,

Vastu For Kitchen Tips 

  • Kitchen should be clean and tidy,

  • Gas stove and sink should never be the same line,

  • Kitchen should never leak water as it leads to major financial loss,

  • Gas needs to be cleaned daily, 

Vastu Rules for Space,

The slope of the shed of a factory

Southwest or Northeast

The Height of the factory

More southwest

The Mezzanine floor


open space

More northeast


Southwest or south

Vastu Rules for Water,

Rainwater slope


Overhead tank

Northwest or west

Underground tank


Tube well

Northeast or east

Vastu Rules for Fire, 




Southeast, northwest


Southeast and northwest

Junction Box

Southeast and Northwest

Kitchen fireplace


Vastu Rules for Air,








North and South

Vastu Rules for Earth or Bhumi

Angles of the plot

South West 90 degree

Drawing room


Floor Level




Land Level

North East low

Main Gate

North East

Solar energy can be represented as an ever changing dynamic field, which can be represented as referenced to solar position and moves in a circle position or 360 degree in relation to the earth position. Like solar energy, the jaivic energy force field is not directly with vectors from south to north poles. Talking about gromatic flux, jaivik urja refers to the North- South. There is a movie made on vastu shastra named Vastu Shastra. It is a low budget 2004 Indian horror movie. 



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